Pie art is having a moment on Instagram – you know, that virtual place we like to share pictures of our grub to inform the world what we're having for dinner, if they like it or not. Doughn't pretend you've never done it...

But unlike our rather aesthetically-displeasing spag bol that looks like it's planning an escape route, one Instagram user shares pictures of pies, and pies only, that could easily belong in an art gallery.

Lauren Ko from Seattle, Washington, gives Mary Berry a run for her money with her culinary creations, which she posts on the Instagram account Loko Kitchen to 35.1K very impressed followers.

Some of her work includes a beautiful sweet potato pie with golden, orangey hues and a pink apple rose tart with sugared pecans that would look completely at home in The Ritz.

Her most popular recent picture is of a drool-worthy cranberry pie with an undercooked lattice crust for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ko writes in the caption: "Last year, I brought an overly juicy, undercooked pie to Thanksgiving dinner and had to sit by mortified as my in-laws politely insisted on eating their slices, oozing raw bottoms and all.

"Crust me, it was a dough blow. SAVE YOURSELVES FROM IMPENDING DOOM—do what you cran, do what is pieght. "

The snap has amassed over 7.5K likes in just one day, and the comments section is hotter than an oven.

One person wrote: "Wow! That is one serious pie crust! Beautiful ".

Another said: "Stunning pie design!! ", while a third added: "This is way too pretty to cut into! ❤️❤️❤️".

Indeed, it does look too pretty to cut into, or even eat. It would probably make the average family's Christmas spread look like a pile of compost that's been run over a few times.

Ms Ko's pie-only Instagram account gained masses of new followers following a co-sign from top style blog Design Milk.

Creatively-prepared food on Instagram isn't exactly a brand new phenomenon, but keep your eyes peeled for pies that look better than some of the art hanging in your living room as artistic baking is on the rise.

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Over 3.8m pictures come up when you search "#pie" on Instagram – most of them very pretty bar the odd dodgy apple crumble. And when you type in "#pieart", 6.7K snaps and counting of deliciously good-looking pies are there for you to feast your eyes on... but not your taste buds.

Martha Stewart has already jumped on the bandwagon, posting an autumnal pie made with pristine leaf and flower cut outs – a very trendy pie adornment of the now – with cut-outs revealing the warm apple slices beneath. Yummy. It's also the most liked photo on her Instagram to date.