The Most Dangerous Writing App Screenshot
Is this the typing equivalent of an endless runner video game? Screenshot

We have all had moments writing something only to be stumped for a word, phrase or thought that just will not coalesce into a coherent sentence suitable to put on paper. With this in mind, I'm not sure whether to be thankful for or be horrified by a web-based word processor where your entire work is deleted if you stop typing for just five seconds.

The Most Dangerous Writing App from developer and neuroscientist Manuel Ebert is essentially a pressure cooker for writers, that operates a zero-tolerance approach to pondering, procrastinating and mind blanks.

The devious app proclaims that it was "designed to shut down your inner editor and get you into a state of flow." Just imagine typing up a shopping list only to realise there was one vegetable you really needed to buy, but can't quite recall what it was in time. Sorry, list gone up in smoke.

That being said, the app could be quite therapeutic for anyone prone to having their mind wander while they are meant to be focusing. A quick blast of inspiration that disappears after a few moments have passed strangely did actually help clear the mind of this writer.

As the app begins you are asked to set a goal between five minutes all the way up to a heroic 60-minute session (If you are brave enough!). From there it's man vs. machine vs. mind with the latter, in my case at least, being the thing to fail first.

You can give it a try here, however IBTimes UK does not recommend that university students writing dissertations; journalists or budding novelists replace their usual notepads with this unforgiving creation.