child tech survey
Is tech harmful for kids? Survey says majority of parents claim technology is helping their child's development. iStock

The argument over whether technology could be detrimental to the development of children has been raging for years, however a recent study has revealed that three quarters of UK parents believe tech has actually boosted their child's development.

In a survey of 2,000 UK adults a significantly large 74% claim technology has improved their children's problem solving skills while 64% say it has improved their child's writing skills.

While many parents have winced every time they've needed to get out the iPad and long feared over what screen time could be doing to the development of babies and toddlers, it seems the majority are now embracing the digital landscape.

The survey revealed an overwhelming proportion of parents (91%) recognise the necessity of getting children using and playing with technology in order to get them up-to-speed with the contemporary world, where they'll encounter computers and tablets at school.

"Incorporating gadgets such as tablets, laptops and smartphones into interactive play with children is a good way to familiarise them with today's technology. There are plenty of apps designed to boost literacy, mathematical and motor skills in children. It's great to see the vast majority of parents recognise the importance of familiarising kids with gadgets at a young age," said Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, who conducted the survey.

"Parents' concerns about their children being behind their peers if denied access to technology shows that they understand how important it is for their children to be able to interact with the latest gadgets, as school learning and tests become more technology based."

While the majority of parents are fully behind incorporating technology into their child's day, over 71% are still aware that it needs to be in moderation and would like to monitor how much time they are spending using technology.