Mobile Gun App
A screenshot of the game in action. Tigsel

Augmented reality is great if you want to catch Pokémon in the real world, but what if you want to shoot your boss in the face and pesky things like the law, witnesses and basic human decency are stopping you?

The Mobile Gun is an app that allows users to point their phones at real world people and shoot them with a variety of weapons.

There are pistols, sniper rifles, even rocket launchers, and users can also record the footage of their in-app sprees to share online.

According to ratings board PEGI the game is suitable for children as young as 3, despite it depicting gory blood effects and entry wounds.

You unlock guns by shooting people in the face (possible with face-recognition technology) to gain coins, and there's a scoreboard to check your global rank.

A stats page will also tell players how many bullets they've fired, their hit ratio, weapon usage and more.

"If you are a gun lover and you don't have access to one then this application is for you," reads a description of the app on the Google Play Store.

The game's creator D Genesis Manuel Antony, told The Times: "This is clearly only for fun between friends. I might quietly shoot my friend and post a clip online - then he'll see it and get me back later."

Such japes!

The app is free but also complete rubbish, so don't bother downloading it.