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Yearly workplace appraisals are outdated, according to MHR Reuters

More than half of workers at UK firms wish to do away with annual work appraisals, a new study has revealed.

Research commissioned by human resource specialists MHR showed that 54% of workers who have had an appraisal at their current job describe them as "pointless" or "time-consuming".

Only 14% of the nearly 900 employees polled by YouGov felt appraisals provided them with the support they needed to evaluate their work and career development.

"Managers and employees alike deem appraisals cumbersome – a traditional and inflexible model contributing to ineffective employee engagement in today's agile work environment," MHR said.

Almost two-thirds of respondents said only some, or none, of their previously set objectives were relevant at the time of their appraisal, while 21% said they had never had an appraisal at their current job.

MHR service development director Julie Lock said: "The fact is today's workforce need more than just a salary from their job, they need drive and excitement, passion, pride, a career; and they want to engage in a collaborative process with regular and qualitative feedback with their manager.

"Modern appraisals should focus on setting short-term objectives, closely aligning employee targets with business goals in order to make the process beneficial for both the employee and the business."