Child abuse
Mother allegedly tried to sell her minor daughter’s virginity to a “rich businessman” for £19,100 - Representational image iStock

In a shocking incident, a Russian mother was arrested after she allegedly tried to sell her minor daughter's virginity to a "rich businessman" to uplift her financial status.

Irina Gladkikh had flown to Moscow with her daughter and a female friend in an attempt to sell her underage girl's "first night" to a wealthy client. But before the deal was finalised, she was caught in a sting operation.

In a video released by the Russian police, Gladkikh has confessed to the crime and said, "We came to Moscow to get to know a rich man, in order to get financial help for providing sexual services by my daughter." Her 25-year-old friend also admitted to it, the Daily Star reported.

The 35-year-old was unknowingly dealing with police officers in a sting operation at a floating restaurant in the Russian capital city, where she finalised the deal at £19,100 ($26,584). However, she was taken into custody soon after she received one and a half million roubles in exchange of her daughter's virginity.

Police also arrested her friend for helping her, while Gladkikh's daughter was sent to a hospital in Moscow.

The accused's social media profile states that she works as an estate agent but according to law enforcement sources she is an escort. She along with her friend earn living by selling "their own bodies".

Gladkikh had also reportedly participated in a beauty pageant in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The recent case comes on the heels of another similar incident in which a Russian couple had allegedly raped their own 12-year-old daughter in an attempt to "train her in advance for adult life".

The couple is now facing trial for the alleged offence, which took place between December 2016 and March 2017. Local media reports said that the unidentified father had allegedly raped his daughter usually with his wife in the same bed, "every other day", while the girl's mother reportedly sexually assaulted her with an "artificial penis".