Residents of a town in Alabama, United States witnessed a woman viciously being attacked by a pack of seven to eight dogs on Monday, October 19. The residents claimed that the dogs roamed free as their owner did not restrict their movement. The victim was identified as Ruthie Mae Brown. She was in Nauvoo, Alabama walking alone when the attack took place. By the time the emergency services arrived, the woman had been fatally mauled. The woman's body was sent for post mortem examinations. Some of the dogs involved have been captured or handed over to the police. No criminal charges have been filed yet.

Brown was walking down Jagger Road in Nauvoo around 2 pm local time when she was attacked by the pack. Witnesses called the police as the dogs were seen mauling the woman. The attack on the helpless woman continued for some time.

By the time the police arrived at the scene the woman was dead. Walker County Coroner Joey Vick pronounced her dead at the scene around 3 pm local time. Her body was removed and sent to the Alabama Department of Forensics in Huntsville. Post mortem examination of the body can reveal the cause of death. After the examination, the district attorney's office can decide if the owner of the dogs will face charges.

Since the attack took place, the Walker County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into the incident. They have been able to get hold of four or five dogs, of which two were turned in by their owner. All the captured dogs have been handed over to the Walker County Humane Society. The authorities have not revealed the fate of the animals.

According to ABC 33/40, the residents of the town were well acquainted with the pack of aggressive dogs that roam the area. Local woman Robin Johnson revealed that she had witnessed the dogs attack a deer. She also reportedly had been surrounded by the dogs on one occasion. She claims that as she knew the name of the owner, she was able to escape by calling out the name.

Brown was a resident of Boldo, Alabama. She leaves behind four sons. The investigation into the incident continues.

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Woman mauled to death by aggressive pack of dogs. (Representational image) JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images