A British mother has stopped her toddler from attending a nursery after she raised concerns about a "morbidly obese" teacher.

Hilary Freeman was appearing on ITV's Lorraine when she defended her views, claiming that she was "concerned" about the welfare of her child.

She feared that the nursery teacher struggled to move or breathe properly and didn't want her to set a bad example to her child and others.

Freeman said: "She moved very slowly, couldn't breathe very well and I was just concerned she wouldn't have the reactions necessary to look after a toddler who darts all over the place.

"It wasn't just that. At the nursery, the healthy food options I saw weren't the sort of thing I would give my daughter - they were having jam sandwiches and I just thought this wasn't a healthy lesson to teach her really and I wanted her to go somewhere where there was better food choices and where obesity wasn't the norm."

Since she spoke out about the case, Freeman revealed that she had been "vilified" by friends but felt that she had to speak out.

She felt that the comments had "touched a nerve" but had to be said.

On social media, there was a mixed response to Freeman's views. Jacqueline said: "I completely agree with her. A morbidly obese nursery staff isn't gonna be as quick to react as a health person."

Jackie said: "So just because she has more fat does that mean her brain isn't able to teach her daughter."

And TJW said: "Good for her! You wouldn't let your kid be taught by someone chain-smoking or drinking alcohol in the classroom."