A woman in Karpinsk, Russia was shocked to find an emaciated baby girl hidden in a bag inside her friend's closet. Yulia, the mother of the child, reportedly had kept the infant a secret and is suspected to have tried to kill her through starvation. The incident seemed more shocking as the woman has two other children aged 13 and three, whom she took adequate care of. The 13-year-old boy reportedly kept the infant alive by feeding her scraps. The child was removed from the home and is under treatment at a hospital. The woman faces criminal charges and has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

While celebrating a birthday at Yulia's home a 37-year-old woman heard faint cries. Yulia's child in kindergarten had often spoken about a living doll that the family kept in the closet. Friends and family thought that the child had been making up stories. However, when the cries continued, the woman decided to investigate.

She opened the closet to find a bag from where the cries were coming. She was shocked to find a malnourished infant inside the bag. The friend informed the authorities of the discovery. Police arrived at the woman's home to arrest her and remove the children from her custody. The woman was taken to a psychiatric hospital where her mental health will be evaluated before she is charged with criminal offences.

E1.ru reported that the child had been examined by a doctor at the scene. After the initial medical evaluation, she was airlifted to Krasnoturinsk city hospital where she continues to be treated. The other two children were removed from the home and placed in the custody of their maternal grandfather.

Friends and family of the woman were aware of her pregnancy. Earlier this year, her marriage had failed and her husband had left her. This caused her immense stress, her father claims. Sometime after the split, she gave birth to the child. However, she told everyone that the child had died. She did not even take maternity leave from work. The teenager claims that his mother prevented him from telling anyone about the child. According to a local source, the woman wanted to kill the child but was not able to do it with her own hands. So, she tried to passively starve her to death.

The reason behind why the mother of three decided to kill her youngest while taking care of her older two children remains unknown. Investigation continues.

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Emaciated infant found hidden by her mother inside a closet where she was left to starve to death. (representational image) Amer Almohibany/AFP