On 8 March, activists celebrate International Women's Day, which dates back to the early 20th century and has been observed by the United Nations since 1975.

In the run-up to the event, Reuters photographers in countries around the globe took a series of portraits of women and their daughters.

They asked each mother what her profession was, at what age she had finished education, and what she wanted her daughter to become when she grew up.

They also asked each daughter at what age she would finish education and what she wanted to do in the future.

The series of images offers an insight into the lives of women and girls around the world.

Saciido Sheik Yacquub, 34, poses for a picture with her daughter Faadumo Subeer Mohamed, 13, at their home in Hodan district IDP camp in Mogadishu February 11, 2014. Saciido, who runs a small business, wanted to be a business woman when she was a child. She studied until she was 20. She hopes that Faadumo will become a doctor. Faadumo will finish school in 2017 and hopes to be a doctor when she grows up. Reuters/Feisal Omar
Bulgarian migrant Ayshe Kakarmustafa, 33, and her daughter Neriman, 11, pose for a photograph at their home in Dortmund, Germany February 22, 2014. Ayshe finished school at 14 and used to work in a shoe factory in Bulgaria. When she was a girl, she wanted to become a hairdresser. Ayshe hopes that her daughter Neriman will do whatever she wants when she grows up. Neriman would like to become a doctor. Reuters
Manami Miyazaki (R), 39, and her daughter Nanaha, 13 and holding her alto saxophone, pose for a photograph at their home in Tokyo February 3, 2014. Manami, who is a housewife, studied until she was 20. Her ambition was to work somewhere where she could meet lots of people. She hopes that her daughter will build a loving home with a happy marriage. She says it would be great if her daughter could find work that makes use of her abilities and interests. Nanaha wants to be either a designer, musician or a nurse.
Alicia Chiquin, 43, and her daughter Fidelina Ja, 18, pose for a photograph at their home in Pambach, Guatemala February 20, 2014. Alicia has no education and has always worked the land. Her daughter Fidelina also has no education and when she grows up she says she will continue to work at home and on the land.
Charlotte Stafrace, 49, and her daughter Scarlett Stafarce, 9, pose for a photograph in the living room of their home in Zebbug, outside Valletta March 2, 2014. Charlotte is an actress and freelance drama teacher who finished her education at 17. Charlotte hopes her daughter will be a scientist when she grows up. Scarlett says she will finish education when she\'s about 25 and that she would like to be a vet.
Niculina Fieraru, 39, poses with her daughter Flori Gabriela Dumitrache, 13, in their room in Gura Sutii village, Romania February 25, 2014. Niculina Fieraru is unemployed and has two children. She hopes that her daughter Flori Gabriela will become a seamstress. Flori Gabriela wants to become a pop singer and she hopes to go to high school in a town 23 km (14 miles) away, but her family cannot afford to pay for it. A Romanian NGO has offered a scholarship to make this possible.
Lucia Mayta, 43, and her daughter Luz Cecilia, 12, pose for a photograph inside their bodega in La Paz February 24, 2014. Lucia studied until the fourth grade of primary school, and knows how to read and write and do basic math. Lucia runs a bodega, and the family live in a back room. She hopes to build a house in the future. Luz Cecilia is in seventh grade and wants to be a singer.