Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has begun his mind games ahead of the crucial Premier League clash with Manchester City on Sunday.

The Blues boss feels that just a fine is not enough for clubs that have breached the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules and that they have to be either docked off points or stripped of titles.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were heavily fined during the summer for breaching the rules and apart from that, they have been restricted to naming just 22 instead of the usual 25 players in their Champions League squads.

However, the Chelsea manager does not agree with the decision of UEFA and believes the punishment is not harsh enough for the clubs.

"Are the fines fair? I don't think so. What is fair is to remove points and titles," Mourinho said, as quoted by the Express.

"If you have capital as a club, that allows you to overcome Financial Fair Play. If you win titles and are then penalised economically, you just continue.

"If you have to take one or two players off your list for the Champions League and instead of going with 24 go with 22, no problem," the former Real Madrid boss explained.

"But say you start the next championship with six points deducted, which means that you don't play the Champions League but in the Europa League - that is more complicated," the Chelsea manager remarked.

The 51-year-old manager believes the FFP will benefit teams that are powerful economically and have a long history in the game, with maximum followers worldwide.

The Portuguese manager admits that with the Fair Play rules in place, the Stamford Bridge outfit will have to be wary when spending on players and has admitted that Chelsea have become like a regular club when it comes to transfers.

"The teams that benefit from this are the most powerful economically, with more history and more followers.

"Right now, with FFP, Chelsea cannot cheat. So we have become a team like any other, managing our resources in a rational manner," Mourinho concluded.