What's an action movie without all of its special effects? The bombastic sounds that make your chair vibrate in the cinema, get that adrenaline going and are so synonymous with the genre. Well, turns out, you don't have to wonder any more, because IMAX accidentally uploaded a goofed-up trailer of Tom Cruise's The Mummy last week and it's pretty amazing.

IMAX removed the video with broken audio on Monday 19 December but having been up for six days, there are already several copies of it all over the internet for people to enjoy.

While the lack of certain sounds fails to make much difference during the second half of the trailer, the first sequence – where the plane in which Cruise's character Nick Morton and Annabelle Wallis' Jenny Halsey are on, crashes – is, quite frankly, hilarious without the audio. As Morton stumbles into the cockpit, the pilots can be heard shouting, 'Pan, pan, pan' over complete silence, making them sound more like gamers talking into a headset rather than panicked aircraft controllers.

But its when an oncoming flock of birds head straight for the windscreen that things get really funny. As the animals hit the shield, no noise is made and as they smack into the faces of the pilots, you can't help but let out a laugh at one of the actor's strained yelps that was so evidently recorded post-filming.

Then the plane starts to descend. But you don't hear any failing engines, thundering winds or even any explosions. It's just good old-fashioned grunts and screams from the actors involved. Quite a rare, interesting insight into what a film set really sounds like, come to think of it. The only upsetting thing is viewers won't ever be able to watch the whole movie like that...

Written by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), and directed by Star Trek's Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy also stars Jake Johnson, Courtney B Vance, Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe. It's currently slated to reach both UK and US cinemas on 9 June 2017.

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Tom Cruise
Even Tom Cruise's Nick Morton looked confused... Getty