A Muslim convert has been jailed after he sexually assaulted a woman while holding a knife to her throat, in the hope that his victim would kill him in revenge.

Garry Brand had asked his victim to kill him after she visited the 49-year-old to comfort him when he told her that he was losing his job, Perth Sherriff Court heard.

But when she refused Brand flipped and dragged her into a bedroom in his home in Perth, Scotland, and sexually assaulted her.

Brand, also known as Yusuf, was jailed for just 30 months and placed on the sex offenders register for life after attempting so-called "suicide by rape".

According to the Daily Mail, Brand was heard saying: "Life? That's a bit harsh."

The court heard how on 21 June, Brand, a security guard, contacted the 50-year-old victim for many years after he was told that he would be sacked.

Prosecuting fiscal depute Michael Sweeney said: "He informed her by telephone that he had been speaking to his psychiatrist and told him that he wanted to rape her so that she would kill him and that way his problems would be over.

"She was concerned by what he had said but felt it was due to him being at a low point and being emotionally charged".

Brand then turned up at her workplace and invited her to his home, despite her feeling "uneasy" and he produced a hunting knife asking her to kill him. When she refused, he turned the knife on her.

"She was shouting and screaming for help so he covered her mouth and told her to be quiet. He took her mobile phone and threw it onto a table," the prosecutor said.

Brand forced her to go into the bedroom where he pushed her face down, removed her jeans and underwear and carried out a sex act on her.

Sheriff William Wood told him: "This was an appalling way to behave. It was a disgraceful act. This must have been a dreadful experience.

"You invited her effectively to kill you. You wanted her to end your life and she refused to do that. For reasons only you can know you decided to act this way."

Brand admitted abducting and sexually assaulting the woman and has been made the subject of a non-harassment order for five years which bans him from having any contact with his victim.