Schoolgirls wearing hijabs
The student claimed she was attacked and had her headscarf - similar to ones these women are wearing - stolen Eric Gaillard/Reuters

A woman who said she was attacked by a man wearing a "Trump" hat and an accomplice the day after the election in Louisiana wasn't telling the truth.

"She made the entire story up," Lafayette Police spokesman Officer Karl Ratcliff confirmed to NBC News and other news outlets. "More than likely she will be charged with filing a false police report." Ratcliff later confirmed that the 18-year-old will be charged.

The Muslim woman is a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She told campus police that she had been hit by one of the men with a "metal object," robbed, and that as a final insult the two stole her hijab headscarf.

Police circulated a report of the attack and said they were investigating. Ratcliff did not say why she admitted to making up the story about the attack.

A spokesman for the university told the Associated Press that federal privacy law bars him from saying whether the student could be disciplined by the school administration.

"We don't take this lightly, and it's made national headlines now," Ratcliff told the AP. "There will be consequences."