Marijuana dispensary in Oregon
Representative image: Owner of the Sumpter Nugget dispensary, Jenny Long restocks inventory July 2, 2017 in Sumpter, Oregon Natalie Behring/Getty Images

The US state of Arizona is about to get its first drive-thru marijuana dispensary after the All Greens Dispensary in Sun City got its authorisation. "Come celebrate Arizona's first drive-through. We are celebrating all-day Friday," the dispensary said on a Facebook event post for its grand opening.

Recent attempts at legalising marijuana failed in Arizona when a proposition put forward to voters at the last general election cycle was defeated by 52 - 48 votes. The state does allow medical marijuana though, giving people with a "debilitating medical condition" the right to possess and consume regulated amounts of the drug.

Anyone wanting to drive up to Sun City's All Greens on Friday 27 October will need to have a valid medical marijuana card to use the drive-thru window whilst new patients will still need to enter the store.

All Greens' CEO Anthony Harrington told local site Tuscon News Now that they would have a 'Dutch Bros' philosophy, alluding to a popular drive-thru coffee chain in Arizona. "We'll have our 'budtenders' out there facilitating the sale, engaging with the patient, taking the order, confirming the order."

The report stated that All Greens hoped the facility would be more convenient for disabled and elderly patients who might otherwise have had to get out their walkers or wheelchairs. The company had to install several cameras before getting approval and drive-thru users will need to remove any headgear to ensure they can be identified.

According to, mariujana possession in Arizona could still land an offender in serious trouble if they do not have a valid medical card - a possible felony charge and fines that could go up to $150,000 (£114,000) depending on the quantity of cannabis discovered.

For those already registered, a flyer for the grand opening announces the first 300 patients will get a free 'edible' with their purchase while others will get a free 'blunt'.