Online sellers messing up customer orders is not something completely unheard of, but what happened when a California-based woman purchased felt sauna hat from Amazon has left the internet dumbstruck.

Meagan Day – a magazine writer by profession – had ordered a felt cap from an online seller called RussianBear, hoping that it would be of use during her next sauna trip. Instead of the actual delivery, however, she ended up becoming "an illegal venom owner".

As it turns out, the woman was accidentally delivered Vidatox, a Cuban cancer drug made from blue scorpion venom.

Day then took to Twitter to share her experience, which in turn sparked a torrent of response with users sharing their own bizarre online shopping stories.

"Boy do I have a story for you," Day's twitter thread began. "I tried to order some felt sauna hats that say 'oligarch' on them from an Amazon seller named RussianBear, for me and my friends who like to sauna, like as a joke (though I actually really wanted one)."

"A month later I got a package from Ukraine containing only a contraband Cuban cancer drug made from blue scorpion venom. That's it. That's my story," the journalist added alongside a picture of the weird parcel.

She went on to add: "I just wanted to schvitz in style, now I'm an illegal venom owner".

Unsurprisingly, her tweet has garnered quite a buzz on Twitter as her followers bombarded the comments section with their personal account of online-orders-gone-wrong.

"I once ordered adorable black ruffle panty's on Amazon and got a duck hunting hat instead. I can't imagine what the guy who ordered the duck hat thought when he opened up his box to find black ruffly panty's. It still makes me giggle (sic)," shared one of the users.

Someone else recalled: "In '05 when I still used eBay, I ordered containers for flour/sugar, etc. When my box finally showed up from China, there was a plastic "rubber ducky" clock inside. Plot twist: inside the clock was a replica Rolex. I thought I was going to prison for a month straight after that."

"I once ordered a dog training book and some dog toys on @amazon & received fake electric candles & some other funky decor. This was much more interesting though," chimed in another user.

"The only f**k up I ever got from Amazon was a wrist band instead of a carrier bearing for my car," read one more comment.

From weird to hilarious, the tweet has become quite a hit on social media with users flooding the thread with their stories.