Indian bride
Nisha Devidas, who was supposed to get married in February, killed herself at her home and sent her final moments to her "blackmailing" ex-boyfriend - Representational image Getty

Just ten days before her wedding, an Indian bride-to-be has ended her life by drinking poison in a suspected case of suicide. The woman, Nisha Devidas from the western Indian state of Maharashtra, took the drastic step after allegedly being traumatised by her ex-boyfriend over what is believed to be a sexual relationship.

Devidas, who was supposed to get married in February, killed herself at her home in the village of Rohini on 25 January. According to reports, the bride-to-be had even filmed the tragic action and sent a clip of her downing the black substance to her ex, Nikhil Borkar.

She was rushed to the district general hospital in Bhandara, Maharashtra after her unresponsive body was discovered in the house. But, doctors declared her dead on arrival.

Following the tragic loss, the bride-to-be's grieving brother Ravi Kavle opened up about a blackmailing episode and revealed how Devidas was "lured" and "used" by Borkar — who has been addressed as her former lover.

Kavle insisted that the so-called ex-boyfriend, who is seemingly responsible for his sister's death, be arrested immediately.

"My sister's wedding was due on 4th February but she embraced death just 10 days before her marriage," Kavle was quoted as saying by multiple reports.

He added: "A youth named Nikhil Borkar is responsible for my sister's death. He lured my sister on the pretext of marriage, then used her and started blackmailing her.

"Fed up and defeated, my sister consumed pesticide. I want Nikhil to be immediately arrested."

Although the nature of the blackmail is not clearly stated, the case is currently under police investigation.