Season 2 of the acclaimed Netflix series Narcos is expected to premiere in August 2016 but it looks like its release date may be pushed back as the show is currently without a showrunner.

In December 2015, news of Narcos season 2 showrunner Adam Fierro leaving his position surfaced online. Apparently, this was not the first major speed bump for the production team behind the popular drama. Fierro took the responsibility when season 1 showrunner Chris Brancato left earlier in 2015.

Christian Today reported: "Without a showrunner leading the writers' room, speculations are rife that the series will be experiencing problems and release date may be further delayed."

Reportedly, writer-producers Jose Padilha and Eric Newman will step in as the show's executive producers and will oversee a team of writers. An Entertainment Weekly report states that no one in specific will be appointed as the official showrunner for the entire season 2.

Based on reports regarding the plot for season 2, there's a strong chance that it could be the last one for the series. If the show's storyline follows the known facts on the life of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (on whom the show is based), then it's safe to assume that the new episodes will focus more on Escobar's escape from the authorities and, unsurprisingly, lead to his demise.

However, a different set of rumours have suggested that the series could last longer as it may focus more on those times when Escobar was in hiding.