Nasa's Orion test flight to Mars has been rescheduled to launch today (5 December) at 12.05pm GMT (7.05am EST) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and users can watch the second launch attempt live online here.

Coverage of the second attempt to launch Orion will start from 1am GMT (6am EST) on Nasa Television, and Nasa has allocated a two-hour, 39-minute window for the launch from 12.05pm GMT onwards.

If the launch is successful this time, the US space agency will continue its live streaming coverage, following Orion as it orbits the Earth twice and travels to a distance of 5,794km (3,600 miles) into space.

Once the tests have been completed, Orion will head back to Earth and Nasa has calculated the capsule will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and splashdown into the Pacific Ocean approximately four-and-a-half hours after it launches. Nasa says if the launch is on time, it will splashdown at 4.30pm GMT (11.30am EST).