Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has delivered a speech to his supporters in which he stated that the Shiite organisation "is fully ready in Southern Lebanon" to fight Israel despite its forces being mired in the Syrian civil war fighting for President Bashar al-Assad.

"Israel's threats of another war on Lebanon do not stem from its power because it has lost hope and is concerned...the resistance is a real threat to Israel," said Nasrallah.

The secretary-general of Hezbollah continued by threatening that Israel would have to close its ports and main airports because its rockets had the capability to reach any point of Israel.

"Israelis are saying in the media that they would have to close down the Ben Gurion Airport and the Haifa port and yes, that's true," said Nasrallah.

"You should close all of your airports and your ports because there is no place extending on the land of occupied Palestine that the resistance's rockets cannot reach."

He added that Israel choosing a fight with Hezbollah "will be very costly because we are more determined, stronger, more experienced ... and we are capable of achieving such accomplishments,"

Nasrallah moved on to condemn Israel's building of housing units in a settlement in the volatile district of east Jerusalem, saying that "the Zionists are taking advantage of the Islamic world's turmoil to reach their objectives."

Despite the Syrian civil war costing the organisation 1,000 of its fighters, Nasrallah lauded the group's battle against the Syrian rebels and jihadists that have flocked to Syria.

"We are part of the confrontation against the biggest danger facing the region. We have the honour to be part of the victory that will be achieved."

Israel and Lebanon fought a month-long war in 2006, with Hezbollah firing rockets into southern Israel while the Israeli Air Force, artillery and Navy launched attacks against the group's bases in southern Lebanon.

Over 1,000 Lebanese civilians and 44 Israeli civilians were killed in the conflict as well as 121 Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers and 250 Hezbollah paramilitaries.