National Dictionary Day was created to celebrate famed lexicographer Noah Webster who was born on this day (October 16) in 1758. The American wordsmith is noted for compiling 'An American Dictionary of the English Language' - an endeavour that took him 27 years to complete.

The book sold poorly for most of his life (only 2,500 copies were sold) and resulted in financial problems in later life. However, a two volume edition published in 1840 brought him wider acclaim. He passed away in 1843, aged 84.

Webster claimed he learned 28 languages, including Old English and Sanskrit, in order to trace the etymology of his word entries.

If you've ever questioned why British English and American English contain so many minor spelling differences then Webster is to blame. His belief that the English language was over-complicated resulted in him dropping the letters 'u' from words such as 'colour' and 'neighbour'.

Despite being behind this eternal rift it is hard not to be impressed by the incredible contribution Webster made to the English language.

We've put together this quiz for you to test your knowledge of words and celebrate the great American linguist.