Ever wondered how exactly the UK's National Grid works? Then do not miss our latest instalment of Fully Charged.

In this week's episode, Robert Llewellyn talks to the National Grid's Nigel Williams to find out exactly what challenges the Grid faces in our rapidly changing world and how it plans to utilise new sources of power.

Llewellyn meets the technicians and engineers who work day and night to ensure we could boil a kettle when we flick a switch. During this educational experience, Llewellyn comes across with some of the very big problems they are dealing with, something as massive, complex and deeply embedded in our lives as the national grid takes a long time to respond.

Williams explains that in order to make use of the vast amount of renewable resources available to us, the Grid needs to adapt to become a Smarter Grid.

The National Grid is also very keen on electric cars, particularly if they are charged at night. Anyone who drives an electric car soon learns that this is the time to charge them; electricity is much cheaper if you have a night-time tariff and when you wake up in the morning you have a "full tank".

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