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A National LGBTQ museum is set to open in Britain. Tristan Fewings


  • Galliano told us the museum will about representing multiple stories that aren't just white men.
  • The museum is set to include VR technology to immerse audiences in LGBTQ+ history and also pop-up events.

The UK experienced a landmark moment this week when it was announced the country would have its first LGBTQ+ national museum by 2021.

Queer Britain: The National LGBTQ+ Museum is "one of the most important museums to
have launched in the UK which will shine a light on to its communities' rich and complex
history" according to its creators and will "help complete the Nation's family tree".

Whilst the UK has been home to exhibitions and events shining a light on LGBTQ+ culture and history, this is the first permanent space that will be created with that purpose.

CEO and founder of Queer Britain, Joseph Galliano told IBTimes UK: "It's been in my mind for about a decade, but it's important now to keep the momentum gained with the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of gay male sex.

"We also want to expand the communities that are represented in that discussion, so that it's not just white men, but women's stories, transgender people, black, Asian and minority ethnic people and bisexual people. And also straight people - because LGBTQ+ history is about EVERYONE and this museum will be for all."

The museum will use immersive VR technology to not just tell stories but to truly share them with visitors too. Galliano added that there would be physical artefacts and a digital archive and that there would be a host of pop-up events too.

For a large number of people the announcement of Queer Britain and finally seeing themselves represented is a truly poignant moment in British history.

When asked how it feels to be at the forefront of such an important project, Galliano said: "I feel an excited weight of responsibility to ensure that everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, feels that this is theirs and that it's the most compelling and fascinating resource we can produce. It will be as innovative as the communities it is about."

"The response we've seen shows a clear hunger for this vital and overdue resource. People say 'How does this not exist?' The nation's family album is missing pages, and we want to ensure everyone can see themselves in it. Also, our stories are not just about oppression and difficulty but the achievements of great role models in every sphere of life."

For more information, visit Queer Britain