NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Finale:  Team will be in 'Extreme Jeopardy' in CliffHanger Episode
NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Finale airs this Tuesday NCIS: Los Angeles/Facebook

The NCIS team is all geared up to stop a drug cartel from entering Los Angeles in the finale of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5.

Titled 'Deep Trouble', the final episode will bust a cocaine smuggling racket.

The NCIS team along with the DEA are on a mission to locate a submarine that is smuggling cocaine worth billions of dollars from Colombia to the United States.

Mercedes Masohn makes a comeback as the DEA Agent Talia Del Campo in the finale and her presence in the drug bust case can bring some drastic changes in Deeks and Kensi's life.

On the other hand, after her controversial Afghanistan mission, Hetty is summoned to Washington where she will have to explain the reason for the botched-up mission.

It is highly likely that she will be asked to leave in the cliff-hanger finale, entertainment website reported.

Watch the finale promo below.

The official synopsis for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 finale reads:

"When the NCIS: LA team and the DEA uncover the cartel's plans to slyly transport billions of dollars' worth of cocaine from Colombia to the United States using a submarine, Callen and Sam must quickly locate the missing vessel. Meanwhile, Hetty is called to Washington in the aftermath of the controversial mission in Afghanistan."

You can watch the live stream of the finale of NCIS: Los Angeles by clicking here and here.

Meanwhile, series creator Shane Brennan has teased that the team will have to face certain impossible situations during the finale.

"The team will be in extreme jeopardy in a place that they've never been, and in a situation that appears almost insurmountable for them," Brennan told TV Guide.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Finale will air on the night of Tuesday, 13 May on CBS.