"NCIS" season 17 is currently on a hiatus and it is due to return next week. CBS's long-running police procedural drama resumes its run for one final episode of the year, the midseason finale. And fans are assured that they will finally find out what's going on with Ziva David and what kept her away. Here is what happens in "NCIS" season 17 episode 10.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers from "NCIS" season 17 midseason finale. Steer away if you don't want to learn more about it.]

Previously, it was confirmed that Ziva David will return for two more episodes before her story arc comes to an end. It was revealed that she will be appearing on December's midseason finale and January's midseason premiere. During these episodes, Gibbs' team will come together to help their former colleague.

"NCIS" showrunners have been tight-lipped about Ziva's role in Season 17. However, the network has released episode 10's official synopsis and we now know what to expect from the upcoming segment.

The 388<sup>th chapter of the series is titled "The North Pole" and it revolves around Ziva David's secret mission that she had fled for in episode 2 of "NCIS" season 17. According to the description by Spoiler TV, Gibbs and the rest of the team come together to assist Ziva with "the one thing" she must take care before she reunites with her family, her husband Toni DiNozzo and daughter Talia.

Even though the description fails to give us any specific plot points, it certainly adds to the excitement. While we are certain Ziva is back, fans will get to see her in action once again. Also, the mention of the family reunion might mean the return of Michael Weatherly's much-admired character Tony DiNozzo.

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Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David in NCIS CBS

Meanwhile, there is no news about Ziva and Gibbs' upcoming mission. Nevertheless, it "involves a life or death situation" as revealed by "NCIS" star Diona Reasonover, who plays the role of Kasie.

"Ziva, Gibbs, [and] the whole team really and truly have to put this case front and center because if they don't, someone will die," Reasonover told TV Insider in an interview.

"NCIS" season 17 midseason finale airs Tuesday, December 17 on CBS.