Shareena Clanton is responding to the online hatred she received after she opened up about the "multiple racist traumas" she suffered on the set of Australian TV soap "Neighbours."

Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Clanton shared a series of hateful comments that she got on her post detailing the racism on the "Neighbours" set. "Never hire brown people," stated one comment, while another racist remark read: "Oh sure...another whiner for sure. I am really sick and tired of people who are not white skinned behaving badly then screaming racism when people don't like their behavior."

"'Racist traumas' more made up terms from the woke brigade to help exaggerate their victim ideology," a third one read.

"Calling out racism exposes MORE racism and racist trauma in Australia," Clanton captioned the comments, while reiterating that she did not "make up"/"allege" anything.

"These events happened. I have evidence and documentation that confirm the truth of these racist comments and ongoing disrespectful/inappropriate behaviours/crass comments on @neighbours. White people telling me that I have no right to "whine" about the use of "slave-driver" and that I am "lying" about my traumatic racist experiences have never lived in a world of anti-blackness or exist in a world where such words are used as ammunition against you to demean, diminish, dehumanise, denigrate or dismiss you," she wrote in a lengthy post.

The "Wentworth star added: "I stand by my truth and what I said I bore witness to and directly endured." She concluded her post by saying that she and Meyne Wyatt, another star from the show, "do not lie" about experiencing racism on the set.

The 30-year-old had first spoken about racism on the "Neighbours" set in an Instagram post on Monday. "Struggling to post anything positive about the months I endured on @neighbours after multiple racist traumas and navigating ongoing counselling from this highly problematic show. It's been lonely, triggering and traumatising to work in such a culturally unsafe space," she had written.

She also revealed that she twice endured the "N" word on the set and was told to "go somewhere else" as she was making the actor using the term "uncomfortable" with her confrontation. She also spoke about a white actress calling another actress of colour "lil monkey" and openly laughing at the use of the "N" word.

The actress, who will make her first appearance as a second Sheila Canning when the show makes it to the Australian screens this week, said she will "never work for this show again."

Following her post, Meyne Wyatt who played Nate Kinski on the Australian soap between August 2014 and June 2016 also confirmed experiencing racism when he was a regular on the show.

"It involved the C-word and I called it out, and it didn't happen around me again. And it is disappointing but not at all surprising to hear that five years later, racism continues to be present in the workplace," he tweeted, adding that homophobia was also "rampant" on the set.

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