Kim Kardashian surprised viewers with her "Saturday Night Live" hosting debut on Oct. 9 during a skit that had her and Pete Davidson sharing a kiss.

The reality TV star and the comedian exchanged a lot of innuendo during an "Aladdin" sketch wherein she played Princess Jasmine with him as the thief Aladdin. She also poked fun at her past relationships in the skit. But the highlight was when they talked about "doing sex."

Aladdin shared his concern that Jasmine would break him because he cannot physically handle her as he said, "you're a lot of woman, and I'm so frail because all I eat is stolen bread." Feeling inadequate, he then gave his lamp a rub to bring out the Genie, played by Bowen Yang, and asked, "I want you to make me like Pinocchio, but down there" and gestured to his crotch. The sketch ended with Kardashian asking Davidson if he was going to kiss her or not, which he did.

Wouldn’t call it “doing sex,” Aladdin

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) October 10, 2021

That scene caught viewers by surprise and they took to social media to share their reactions. One wrote, "Never in a million years would I ever think I'd see Kim Kardashian kissing Pete Davidson." Another commented, "Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson just kissed what dimension are we in rn."

Meanwhile, another asked if that kiss is going to lead to something serious off-screen and wrote, "Y'all think Kim Kardashian is gonna start dating Pete Davidson after SNL? I do!"

Y’all think Kim Kardashian is gonna start dating Pete Davidson after SNL? I do!

— Sean O'Connor (@seanoconnz) October 10, 2021

Another user even doubted that Kardashian and Davidson kissed at all and claimed that what they did was a "stage kiss" and that he only kissed her chin.

That's a stage kiss. He's kissing her chin as she looks away, behind. It gives the appearance of a kiss, without being one

— Dylan (@DylanJMoore) October 10, 2021

Aside from the "Aladdin" sketch, Kardashian also received compliments for her opening monologue, wherein she roasted her family and her personal life. She talked about her infamous sex tape, joked that Kris Jenner's boyfriend Corey is a "gold digger," and even touched on her divorce from Kanye West. A source told E! that the rapper sat in the audience when she taped her monologue at NBC Studios.

Everyone in the family is said to be happy for Kardashian and proud of her because she worked really hard on the show. The reality TV star also considered her hosting the "SNL" "a week she will never forget."

Kim Kardashian
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