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Spirits can only be bought at state-run liquor stores in New Hampshire Reuters

A state senator in New Hampshire has proposed a novel way to retaliate against Russia's alleged attempts to interfere in the recent election — banning Russian vodka.

After US intelligence concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking and subsequent release of emails from the Democratic National Committee, state Senator Jeff Woodburn wants to hit Russia where it hurts.

Woodburn, the Democratic leader in the New Hampshire state senate, has proposed legislation to set up a bipartisan committee that would look into what actions the state could take in response to the alleged hacking. He said in a statement that the state should not "continue a 'business as usual' relationship with Russia".

Two suggested responses were a suspension on Russian-made liquor purchases and a divestment of Russian assets by the state retirement fund. Spirits can only be purchased from state-run stores in New Hampshire, of which the Hill reported there are 79.

The Hill also reported that most New Hampshirites would not feel much difference if the suggested ban were to go through. Few Russian vodkas are stocked by the state liquor stores, with most being sold in western Europe or elsewhere in America.