All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, smile, and a brand new selfie will be shared instantly with an online audience.

With many keen to share their every moment on social networks, the iStrategyLabs SELFIE turns the bedroom mirror into an audience of potentially thousands, bypassing the need to take a picture manually.

Incorporating a two-way mirror, a webcam, facial recognition software powered by a small Mac, the device begins a countdown every time someone smiles at their reflection, with LEDs lighting up along the border, and flashing white when the image is taken and instantly uploaded to Twitter.

"We had to experiment with the platform a little bit to get it working," iStrategyLabs Chief Marketing Officer DJ Saul told MailOnline.

"We had some funny things like it would locate a smile on the side of your head, so we played around until we were comfortable.

"We also considered photos being triggered by a wink, but we went with a smile as it fit with the narrative a bit more for a smiling selfie," he said.

SELFIE is a "backronym", which stands for Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine, and Saul said that the device was currently just being developed for use in businesses, but could be mass produced for retail.

"It could absolutely also be deployed in bars and things," Saul said.

"The core experience is not that different from a photobooth. What makes this special is all you see as a user is the mirror itself.

"The hands-free selfie is a tagline we're playing around with. You literally just stare into it and smile."

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