The Energy Ministry today gave the go-ahead for two new power stations in Yorkshire that will create over 1,000 jobs and generate enough energy to power almost two million homes.

"The energy industry can be a real driver of growth across the country. Some £200bn of investment is needed in the energy industry over the coming decade, representing remarkable opportunities for companies in the UK", Minister of State for Energy, Charles Hendry, said in a statement.

He said, ""These new plants in Yorkshire are a fantastic example of new power stations bringing new jobs. These decisions are a further example of our determination to clear the back-log of planning applications, to stimulate growth and enhance our energy security."

The consented plants are Ferrybridge - a 108 MW Multifuel (biomass and energy from waste) power plant in Wakefield, Yorkshire, representing an investment of £250m by SSE Generation. It is expected that around 350 jobs will be created during construction.

Thorpe Marsh is a 1,500 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant in North Doncaster, Yorkshire, representing an investment of £984m by Acorn Power Developments. It is expected that up to 800 jobs will be created during its construction.