The results of the New York primaries for both the Republican and the Democratic parties were released on 19 April. Announcing Donald Trump's win for the GOP, the top of the Empire State Building flashed a deep red and later when Hillary Clinton overtook Bernie Sanders to be named the winner from among the Democrats, the lights turned dark blue.

The iconic building's light signals were part of a deal made with CNN to announce the winners of the night. Before the results, the crown of the structure was lit up with the tricolour — red, white and blue — but later that was changed as news of the victories was released.

According to the results, Trump leads the race with 60.2% of the Republican votes. He is far ahead of runners-up Ohio Governor John Kasich (25.1%), and Texas Senator Ted Cruz (14.7%).

The competition was much fiercer on the Democratic side, with Clinton garnering 57.6% of the vote, closely followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (42.4%).

For many anti-Trump supporters though, the deep blood-red light seemed to glow with a sinister evil and they soon took to Twitter to share their reactions.