A Knife
A knife was found protruding from the baby\'s chest

A newborn baby has been found stabbed to death in a shallow grave in Cape Town, South Africa.

The child had a knife protruding from its chest when it was discovered wrapped inside a black bag and newspapers in Devon Park, Eersterivier.

James Konja and his friend Dennis Marks were searching for firewood when they stumbled upon the corpse.

"We were on our way to cut wood. Then I saw a hole next to a tree stump," Konja told the Daily Voice.

"I asked Dennis, 'what that is [sic]?' then we saw it is a person."

He said he could see the baby's eyes, and a knife had been put through its chest.

"The backside part of the baby was under the ground. I saw the eyes," said Konja. "The hole, it was a grave, but it wasn't covered with sand and it was deep. The knife was through the baby's chest."

Konja called his wife, a 58-year-old retired nurse called Phoebe, to the scene.

"I am no detective, but there was no blood splatter there and the hole looked neat, like a spade was used," said.

"The persons who did this, the mother or the father, must bandiet [go to jail]."

Marks said: "We do not know who the mother is, but if we hear anything, we will contact the police".

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut said a concealment of birth case has been opened and no arrests has been made.