Two police officers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, were hailed as "heroes" for saving the life of a 21-day-old baby after giving him CPR. A video, which was shared by U.K.'s Daily Mail, showed the cops trying to revive the baby after it became unconscious.

According to local reports, the baby had choked on milk and became unresponsive. The child's parents, who were terrified and panic-struck, rushed into a nearby police station and asked for help. The incident reportedly took place in Sao Paulo's city of Marilia. It remained unclear when the incident took place.

In the video, the father of the baby was seen handing over the child to the officers. Daily Mail reported the child's face had turned "blue" after choking on milk.

The two officers, identified as Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza, quickly gave the baby CPR as his terrified mother also ran into the station. One of the officers is seen giving the baby mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while the other pressed on his chest.

The officers repeatedly checked the baby's airways while his distraught parents looked on.

After trying for some time to revive the baby, the child moved his arms as his mother stroked his face. The baby reportedly regurgitated the milk and began breathing normally.

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"When we saw the baby's situation and the parents' desperation, we became automatic, we didn't think about anything and we just did what had to be done... It was emotional when we felt the baby come [sic] back to life," Taroco, one of the officers, said.

The baby, who was identified as Luis Henrique, was later taken to a local hospital. Authorities later confirmed he was out of danger and doing "well."

In a similar incident that took place in January, two NYPD officers were called heroes after they saved the life of a 22-month-old boy who was unconscious and not breathing. Officers David Rodriguez and Ricardo Richards were on patrol when they were approached by a frantic family desperately seeking help. The officers brought the toddler, his mother and his grandmother into the back of their car and took off for Elmhurst Hospital Center. Rodriguez performed CPR on the unconscious child in the back of the car while Richards drove. The boy was still unconscious when he arrived at the hospital but quickly recovered.

This article originally appeared in IBTimes US.