Brazilians are livid after reports came out that national football team player and Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr. has organised a massive beach-side party at a mansion in Rio de Janeiro.

Neymar has reportedly invited a number of high-profile celebrities to a 5-day long party in his native country after flying back for the holidays. According to The Guardian, the event has been nicknamed "Neymarpalooza" by local media, but has drawn massive criticism from the local community. Understandably, Brazilians are shocked by the gathering in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was initially reported that the party will be attended by 500 guests, but a more realistic report has stated that only 150 attendees are present. Nevertheless, any mass gathering still has a potential to become a super-spreader event.

News of Neymar's party first came out over the weekend, with details remaining scarce as guests were allegedly prohibited from bringing in their mobile devices. The party reportedly started on Saturday and will last for at least five days at a mansion in Mangaratiba, a beach town in Rio de Janeiro.

More details have come out allegedly from the samba band that was hired to entertain the guests. Despite an early denial from Neymar's camp, Brazilian publications are now saying that it has been confirmed, with the organisers claiming that all health guidelines are being followed.

Numerous media publications in Brazil have condemned the party, calling it a direct insult towards the grieving families of the 190,000 Brazilians who have died. Brazil has just announced the closure of the beaches in Rio, as a way to prevent crowds from gathering to celebrate the New Year.

The controversial footballer is now being accused of being irresponsible and of showing contempt towards the lives of others. The backlash is mounting despite the fact that no photos or videos have been leaked from the event. The alleged social media blackout has not stopped the event from catching the attention of the media, but it remains to be seen if Brazilian authorities will do something about it.

Neymar Jr.
Could the potential departure of Neymar ultimately prove to be a positive for Paris Saint-Germain and French football? AFP / FRANCK FIFE