People who grew up using Nokia's 'affordable' range of technology products might now shed a tear, as the erstwhile technology company has just had its mobile phone brand name eliminated for good by Microsoft.

For starters, Redmond-based Microsoft officially acquired Nokia's Services and Hardware Business in April 2014, and the company has resorted to adapting various 'hardcore reforms' since then.

Now, in an official Facebook posting by Nokia France, the company has stated that even its official Facebook page will be updated with the 'Microsoft Lumia' brand name - the first of many rebranding exercises to come.

According to a report published on The Verge, Nokia's social media branding in various other countries will also be rebranded as 'Microsoft Lumia'.

Nokia and Windows Phone brands ditched, unified Windows branding coming

According to a report published in GeekonGadgets that quotes an internal Microsoft document, future Lumia smartphones will be devoid of Nokia and Windows Phone branding, and be labelled 'Windows' devices.

This means the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, both of which were released by Microsoft during the recent IFA 2014, are the last of the smartphones devices to bear the Nokia brand name.

Microsoft diverts visitors away from Nokia UK website

Very recently, Microsoft hit the proverbial 'final nail' in Nokia's coffin, and the Redmond-based technology giant has been redirecting visitors from Nokia's Great Britain website, to its own Microsoft Great Britain mobile web-portal.

Nokia as a company still going strong, says Nokia Vice-President

In an official blog post from September 2014, Executive Vice-President, Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nokia, Barry French stated that the Finnish company will be taken from strength to strength in areas such as telecom infrastructure.

French also mentions Nokia as being 'financially robust', despite the company's mobile phone business having been sold to Microsoft.