A college campus in North Carolina is on lock-down after a shooting was reported.

Law enforcement officials inside the campus of Wayne County Community College (WCCC) in Goldsboro say they are doing a sweep through each building and each room allowing people to leave, according to reports.

WCCC's Public Information Officer, Tara Humphries confirmed no suspect is in custody, adding there is no, nor was there, a hostage situation.

While the Fire Department radio traffic has indicated that some people were still trapped inside and trying to get out, according to the Goldsboro News-Argus, the SWAT team has just removed 29 people from inside the building.

Students were escorted out with their hands up from inside the building.

All school personnel has been safely evacuated. Community college officials have given the OK for students and personnel to leave the area.

Students and faculty personnel barricaded themselves in once they heard what was going on, according to testimonies.

The Goldsboro News-Argus, which has a reporter on the scene, tweeted photos of SWAT officers armed with automatic rifles, and a crime scene investigation van on campus.

It has been reported that one victim, who has been shot, has died, according to the Goldsboro News-Argus.

An ambulance has just moved in from the perimeter closer to the college. The Goldboro News-Argus reports that officials inside have said that might be due to "gas being deployed".

Specifics about the suspect or the circumstances of the shooting are not yet available. Police did say, however, that the suspect is a bald white male with a tattoo on his face.

Scott Stevens, Goldsboro city manager, has arrived on scene, followed by military style vehicles from the Johnston County Sheriff's office.

Red Cross has been brought in to talk to some of the students from the college - who have been asked to remain on scene.