Pat McCrory, the outgoing governor of North Carolina who infamously brought in anti-LGBT law House Bill 2, reportedly has a job waiting in Donald Trump's administration when he leaves his post in January.

McCrory finally conceded the governorship to his Democrat rival, Roy Cooper, a month after the election had taken place and only after his supporters had attempted to discredit the election with unsubstantiated claims of voters ineligibility.

Speaking to the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina, a source close to the Trump transition said that the Trump team is "definitely going to look after him". McCrory has been a vocal supporter of Trump and rallied for him during the election campaign.

President-elect Trump included North Carolina on his 'Thank You' tour and the day after the rally, McCrory was seen entering Trump Tower.

McCrory gained particular fame outside his state after bringing in House Bill 2, a law that said people in government buildings had to use the bathrooms that corresponded with the gender on their birth certificate.

The bill forbade the re-establishment of anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people and led to a number of US cities barring state employees from non-essential travel to North Carolina, and major companies changing plans to expand in the state.

It is not known what position McCrory would take up in the Trump administration. Although many of the top cabinet jobs are gone, lower-level department positions are still available.

McCrory would not be the first controversial pick by the president-elect. The nominations of Rex Tillerson for secretary of state and Rick Perry for secretary of energy were criticised when they were announced.

Tillerson is under scrutiny for longstanding links to Russia and President Vladimir Putin, while Perry has been nominated to head up a department that he had previously said he would scrap.