North Korea has criticised the ongoing US military offensive in Iraq and Syria against Isis as "aggression and plunder".

A report on the North Korean state media said what the Obama administration is doing is tantamount to state-sponsored terrorism.

"This is a revelation of the US invariable ambition to dominate the world by force by carrying out air raid on Syria and other sovereign states once again under the pretext of 'busting terrorists'," the regime-run mouthpiece said.

"The US tries to establish order and political system it favours by toppling independent countries by mobilising massive armed forces while talking about 'annihilation of terrorists'".

The North Korean reaction has come when the US has opened a new front in the ongoing military campaign against Isis by launching airstrikes in Syria for the first time.

Citing previous American invasions, the report on Pyongyang's mouthpiece also took the opportunity to criticise Washington for allegedly exerting unfair influence on international bodies such as the UN.

"As proven by the results of the 'anti-terrorist war' waged by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc over the past ten odd years, it is as clear as noonday that the projected air raid will kill many innocent civilians once again," said the report.