In a rare public appearance, Kim Jong-chul, the elder brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was reportedly spotted at Eric Clapton's concert in London.

Multiple reports have confirmed it was Kim who attended the 70-year-old's gig in the capital on Wednesday, 20 May.

This was the first time Kim was seen in public since the North Korean leader took over as the reclusive nation's supreme leader.

A Japanese television crew attending the event in the Royal Albert Hall identified the estranged brother wearing a leather jacket and shades.

Those who attended the concert are reported to have said Kim was seen enthusiastically cheering the British rock legend's music during the show.

"He wasn't so distinctive. But the obviously older guy next to him was clearly neither a typical Clapton fan or dressed for a gig," a source, who has knowledge of the matter, told NK News.

Kim was believed to have been accompanied by North Korean embassy officials in the UK. There is also speculation that Kim would be leaving for Moscow today, 22 May.

Kim Jong-chul is widely believed to be the second of three known sons of the late North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il. The late father had two sons, including the current leader, through his third wife, and another son through his second wife.

Both the elder sons had fallen out of their fathers' favour paving the way for making the third son the country's leader.