A major wildfire has broken out on North Korea's side of the demilitarised zone (DMZ) in the heavily-protected border between the two rival Koreas.

Strong winds fanned the blaze which eventually reached the South Korean side as well.

Firefighters and army personnel from both the Koreas battled to put out the fire, which appeared to have started in a farm.

No casualties or damage were reported. Three helicopters and dozens of emergency workers were seen fighting the fire. South Korean officials said strong winds and limited access across the North Korean side slowed down the pace of the emergency operation.

A South Korean official was quoted as saying by Seoul's Yonhap news agency that the fire appeared to have been unintentionally begun from the North Korean side.

The blaze started at about 11.00 am local time about 600 metres from the DMZ. Access to the joint industrial zone in Kaesong has also been briefly suspended.

The DMZ is the world's most heavily-armed border region between the two Koreas, which remain technically at war, with the presence of nearly two million troops.