A page from the Skype website is seen in Singapore May 10, 2011
A page from the Skype website is seen in Singapore May 10, 2011 Reuters

A Norwegian drowned her one year old baby daughter in a bucket whilst her British boyfriend watched live on Skype.

Yasmin Chaudry, 26, killed her daughter by plunging her into a bucket of water during a 3am Skype video for "disobeying her."

Both Chaudhry and the British boyfriend, who has not been named and believed to not be the father of the baby - have denied wanting to kill the child.

It has been reported in Norwegian media that the two had been discussing how to discipline the one-year-old before Chaudhry put the baby into the bucket. Once she had noticed her daughter had stopped breathing, she rang paramedics and told them that the girl had fallen into the bucket.

After being arrested on suspicion of murder, Chaudhry claimed that it was her boyfriend, who she met on the internet, told her to do it.

Norwegian police flew from Oslo to Britain with the help of Scotland Yard to question the British man shortly before Christmas.

According to Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdel, both Chaudhry and the British boyfriend have the same story but with "some differences."

"She says he instructed her to do it, whereas he says that they more or less figured it out together after talking about how to discipline her'.

'He admits he saw it over the internet but the intention was never to kill her. They were both scared and decided to cover it up," said Rusdel, speaking to the Sun.

Yesterday Chaudhry was remanded in custody until February and her five-year-old son taken in care following the incident which took place in October 2010.

If convicted, the pair will face a minimum of eight years in jail.