Citizens of Hungary can breathe easy again, after League One football club Notts County lifted a Facebook ban that had blocked the entire European country.

The club announced they were unblocking Hungary from their Facebook page after taking the drastic step a week ago to curb web trolls who repeatedly posted the message "No Banjer, no party".

The online onslaught began after Hungarian playmaker Balint Bajner joined the outfit in League One from Ipswich Town in the current transfer window.

As a result of the signing, the Magpies picked up a lot of new fans from the central European country - but also a fair few troublemakers too. Some of them were said to be angry at an apparent snub by Bajner toward his domestic league.

Club officials revealed the volume of comments all reading "No Banjer, no party" grew so large that "drastic action" was required. That meant banning all Facebook users in Hungary from the Notts County page.

The club's media chief, Jamie Dixon said: "From what we could tell, there was a malicious element to the original wave of posts and there was an attempt at spamming the site with negative connotations.

"We tried to police that the best we could and make it something positive. It was drastic action to be taken but the plan was always for it to be temporary."

On Tuesday 27 January, the club welcomed back Facebook users from Hungary, insisting the ban had always been a temporary measure.