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The vast majority of Iranians are excited about the lifting of sanctions and consumer spending is set to rise Reuters

Almost three quarters (73%) of Iranians are excited about the prospect of buying products manufactured and produced outside of Iran once the economic sanctions on the country are lifted as a result of the nuclear deal.

Market researcher On Device surveyed over 1,000 Iranians and found 83% of Iranians think that the lifting of the limiting measures would have an impact on their life, mostly connected to their consumer habits or career prospects.

For example, 49% of Iranians are excited about buying a car manufactured in another country, while tablets and computers are also popular.

Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device, told IBTimes UK that Iran is also a popular market for consumer companies. "We're seeing increasing demand from consumer companies to Iran," he said. "We're seeing a fantastic opportunity there − 80 million people are seen as prospective customers and it just opens a whole new market for companies."

He added: "The sector that came out best was probably the car industry, with almost 50% of consumers in Iran interested in buying an imported car. They don't have the quality of cars they want and desire. They are now being stopped from purchasing Western cars or cars made by foreign car manufacturers."

Iranians were also excited about the career opportunities the suspension of the sanctions might bring, whether in the supply chain of new imported goods or job prospects abroad.

On 14 July, Iran came to a conditional agreement with the P5+1 group – comprising United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – that would see Iran significantly reduce its nuclear programme and agreeing to the UN arms embargo in exchange for the suspension of economic sanctions, which prevent Iran from trading with many major economies.

In terms of fair competition, a third of Iranians said they hoped the prices of goods and services would go down because the market would become more competitive after foreign players entered.

"One of the things we did see why people are excited about the sanctions coming down is that it offers more opportunities for their lives, whether it would improve their career, studying or travelling prospects. We definitely found that Iranians are aspirational people."

This was proven by the fact that 68% of Iranians are interested in starting up their own business and a stunning 96% want to travel abroad with, interesting, the United States as the most popular destination.

"Although we see Iranians burning US flags in Western media, that resentment towards the States is not mirrored in our findings at all."

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What excites Iranians most about the sanctions coming down On Device Research