Occupy: Anonymous Hackers Threaten Black Bloc ‘Protesters’ [VIDEO]
Image Credit: Reuters

The Anonymous collective has issued a warning to protesters using black bloc tactics, promising to reveal their identities should they continue to interfere with the Occupy movement.

The threat was issued via a video posted under Anonymous's banner on the DevourSec YouTube channel on Wednesday; it addressed the growing number of individuals piggy backing off the Occupy movement, using it as a means to enact their own violent acts of vandalism.

Though some protesters have argued to the contrary, the term black block is generally taken to refer to a tactic rather than a group. A means of avoiding identification, the tactic sees a group uniformly dress in black and cover their faces. The tactic has been used in numerous protests by multiple groups and individuals.

Speaking to the black bloc protesters, Anonymous clarified it would be willing to release the identity of any individual interfering with the Occupy movement. "Consider this an act of diplomacy, before we start [inaudible] your asses all over the internet and paying special attention to personally ruin your lives," said the Anonymous spokesman.

In the video statement, black block groups' use of protesters as a shield against police was highlighted as key reason for the threat. "More than anything it is your cowardice in hiding behind the banner of the Occupy movement, using Occupy protesters as a shield and attempting to pin your actions on Anonymous that will not be forgiven."

Groups using the tactic have been reported at several Occupy protests and have at times been cited as the catalyst that led to incidents of police violence against peaceful protesters not related to the violent cell.

Most recently a group using the tactic in Oakland is believed to have helped initiate the police's disproportionatly violent response against Occupy protesters. Certain other groups have since claimed that US police departments have had undercover officers use the tactic to initiate outbreaks of violence as a means to justify the use of force.

Anonymous's threat is a part of its ongoing support of the Occupy Movement. Since the protests began Anonymous has openly voiced its support for the movement, publicising its live video feeds and reporting any incidents of police violence against protesters.