First daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner reportedly made a deal when they came to Washington to serve in the White House that she would become the first female president if the opportunity ever came up, according to a new book titled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff.

Featuring over 200 interviews with President Trump and key players within his administration, the upcoming tell-all book includes a number of interesting tidbits about the Trump campaign, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, Melania Trump and more.

"Balancing risk against reward, both Jared and Ivanka decided to accept roles in the West Wing over the advice of almost everyone they knew," an excerpt of Wolff's book reads, according to New York Magazine. "It was a joint decision by the couple, and, in some sense, a joint job. Between themselves, the two had made an earnest deal: If sometime in the future the opportunity arose, she'd be the one to run for president.

"The first woman president, Ivanka entertained, would not be Hillary Clinton; it would be Ivanka Trump."

Steve Bannon, on the other hand, was reportedly shocked over the couple's deal.

"They didn't say that?" he said. "Stop. Oh, come on. They didn't actually say that? Please don't tell me that. Oh my God."

Wolff did not disclose the source of the anecdote in the excerpt.

Ivanka's mother and Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, has written earlier about her eldest daughter's possible future in politics in her own memoir titled Raising Trump.

"Maybe in fifteen years," Ivana wrote. "Who knows? One day, she might be the first female - and Jewish - POTUS."

Ivanka Trump has yet to comment on the latest claim in Wolff's forthcoming book.

Meanwhile, the White House has denied the accounts in the new book saying it is "filled with false and misleading accounts from individuals who have no access or influence with the White House".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "Participating in a book that can only be described as trashy tabloid fiction exposes their sad desperate attempts at relevancy."

Twitter, on the other hand, has erupted with jokes, comments and speculation over the anecdotes detailed in Fire and Fury, particularly the one regarding Ivanka's possible presidential aspirations.

Since moving to Washington with her family to help serve in her father's administration, Ivanka has often drawn criticism and merciless taunts for failing to be a voice of moderation and take a strong stance on issues she claimed to care about such as LGBTQ rights, women's issues and immigration.

Social media users mercilessly mocked Ivanka over the claim with a slew of hilarious jokes, comments and memes.

"Over my dead body," one Twitter user wrote.

"Does she really believe we would ever let this mess happen again?" another questioned.

One person wrote: "I wouldn't let Ivanka Trump be president of the PTA much less the president of the United States."

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President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka reportedly wants to become the first female president and Twitter can't stop mocking her for it REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque