Police in a city in Ohio are urging people to stop calling the mobile phone of an alleged drug dealer they arrested as they are trying to search through the device, commenting that it's getting "really annoying". Frustrated officers in Alliance issued a statement via Facebook asking suspected customers to stop calling Steve Notman's phone following his arrest on suspicion of dealing crystal meth.

Police have been attempting to scroll through Notman's text messages and contacts for evidence following his arrest, but the continuing influx of calls from people allegedly wanting to purchase drugs of the suspect has resulted in the tongue-in-cheek request. With the post being shared more than 17,000 times on Facebook, it is hoped the drug users of Allience will get the message.

A City of Alliance Police Department spokesperson said: "PLEASE STOP CALLING Steve Notman's cell phone. He was arrested tonight by SIU detectives.... again .... for ALLEGEDLY (on video) selling crystal meth here in Alliance.

"We have his phone and are trying to read all your texts requesting drugs and going through all of his contacts (with his permission) but you keep calling and texting and it's really annoying. First of all, he is all out of drugs for tonight. Secondly you don't need to call, we will come to you soon enough. Oh, and his ringtone is terrible! Thank you so much for your patience."