O J Simpson on hunger strike in jail, say reports from United States
O J Simpson on hunger strike in jail, say reports from United States Reuters

Fallen star OJ Simpson is plotting his own death in jail in order to stop his money going to the family of his murdered wife, say reports.

The jailed kidnapper – who was cleared of killing his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994 - has apparently gone on hunger strike behind bars and wants to go the whole way by starving himself to death.

Reports from the United States quoted the former NFL player and film star as saying: "I used to live my way and now I'm going to die my own way. I just want to sit down in a corner and die."

Source said Simpson's motive for the drastic step is linked to what shall happen to his wealth upon his death.

The family of Goldman won millions of dollars in 1997 in a 'wrongful death' civil case against Simpson. Brown's family was also awarded a huge payout in a ruling which cost Simpson a total of $33.5m.

A source said of Simpson: "He can't give the kids his money while he's alive without the Goldman family laying claim to it.

"The only way OJ figures he can leave his kids the millions is to kill himself," The Mirror reported.

Simpson has money stashed away in a pension fund for his two sons and two daughters.

He was jailed for kidnap and armed robbery in 2008 when he and accomplices stormed into a casino room in what they claimed was an attempt to retrieve personal items and memorabilia.