The sentencing came after the mother of four admitted to conning people and organisations - Representational image REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

An Oklahoma woman has been handed a three-year prison sentence after she admitted to faking her then four-year-old daughter's cancer and swindling charitable organisations across the state of tens of thousands of dollars.

Jessica Lynn Good, who was sentenced on Monday (23 October), was also given two decades of probation when she is released from prison. The Garfield County judge also asked her to pay $69,565 (£52,980) in restitution, The Daily Mail reported.

The sentencing came after the mother of four had admitted to duping people earlier in 2017. She pleaded guilty to two felony cases related to fraudulently receiving money. "My greed had taken over. I was so greedy and never thought about how my actions were affecting everyone else. I was so caught up in my own wants.

"I was lying to everyone, including my husband and family. People seemed to want to help with the financial side of things so my lie got bigger and bigger," the 33-year-old said after being charged.

Good was reportedly held after a pastor at a local church became suspicious and informed police about it. Alan Seibel, associate pastor of Oakwood Christian Church, told police that the woman's daughter seemed healthy and did not appear as if she was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Good had received around $5,000 from his church in the past several years in the name of her daughter's health and medical expenses, he added.

An investigation launched to look into the case found that the girl's medical records from the Oklahoma University Medical Center revealed no health complications.

Apart from the church, Good had conned a number of organisations and people. Prosecutors alleged that Good had taken more than $26,000 from local fundraisers and donations made through online GoFundMe campaigns.

The woman's children, including the girl she used to fraudulently make money, are living with her husband's family.