Donation bin
A woman got stuck in a charity donation bin after she dropped a tennis bracelet in the bin and climbed in after it.

A woman had to call emergency services when she got stuck in a recycling bin trying to retrieve a dropped bracelet.

According to NBC, the unidentified woman called 911 in Oklahoma to help her out of a clothing charity recycling bank.

She told police she had put several bags of clothing in the Positive Tomorrows donation bin in Oklahoma City before realising that a bracelet belonging to her late mother was missing.

Believing she had dropped it in the bin, she stood on a table to hoist herself inside the bin to look for it.

"I came down here and was looking around and I got inside it," she told police.

"I have MS [multiple sclerosis] so it doesn't take much before I start cramping up and hurting. I couldn't get out."

The woman was trapped in the bin for two hours before firefighters got her out. It is not known if she found the bracelet.