In late 2017, an animatronic President Donald Trump was unveiled at Walt Disney World's "Hall of Presidents" in Orlando, Florida. The decades-old Hall of Presidents attraction, which has been in place since 1971, showcases robotic versions of American presidents.

The controversial animatronic version of Trump repeats his oath of office, talks about the US Constitution, the American spirit and "working on behalf of the American people". The appearance of the figure, however, has been widely mocked on social media as strangely awkward and terrifying.

Now, a Twitter user going by the handle @BornMiserable has photoshopped the animatronic Trump's head into a series of real-life scenarios from holding the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia to his first meeting with Pope Francis.

"I replaced @realDonaldTrump with his Disney animatronic figure and honestly, it's an improvement," Born Miserable tweeted on Friday (30 December).

His hilarious series of photoshopped images has since gone viral and is already freaking out the internet.

"There's more humanity in the animatronic," one Twitter user wrote. Another said: "This is my favorite 'Year in Review' series."

donald trump
These hilarious photoshopped pictures of Donald Trump's robot head onto his real-life photos have gone viral Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images